About us

What Adaption is about?

Welcome everyone in the Cardano Community, we are Adaption!

Adaption was created to spread the utility of the Cardano blockchain as widely as possible. We want to show the benefits of the blockchain to help as many people as possible to be integrated into the system. We finance all of this from our Cardano stake pool - called [DPTUS]. We would like the community to decide whether what we are doing is useful or not. Delegating your ADA to [DPTUS] stake pool means for us that what we do is valuable and good enough to be supported by the community.

In the 21st century, there have been many technical innovations that can make people’s everyday lives easier and simpler, but many of them do not reach the general public. We launched the Adaption project to research the practical benefits of Cardano blockchain technology and make it as widely available as possible. Whether it’s current statistics for advanced gurus or just the most basic information that newcomers have to know if they want to look into the world of the Cardano blockchain.

New things are coming out day by day within the Cardano system. The system is still in its infancy, with the long-term goal of making Cardano the most widespread and reliable blockchain in the world. At Adaption, we work to help speed up the pace of adaption and bring this moment as close as possible. We want to take every opportunity to make it clear to everyone what it means to use a blockchain in daily life and how anyone can benefit from it.

As a first step, we created the Adaption.us website for you. With the aim of sharing useful information, statistics and adding value to the community from time to time by creating new contents.

As a second step, we want to provide an interface for people who are developing the system to showcase their latest decentralized applications. These applications can help to get the most out of the system. We’re working to create a platform that helps developers and users find each other. The latest Dapps are uploaded here, and all users can browse them to find the ones that best suit their interests based on specific categories.

Currently we are gathering feedbacks from the community about our project to improve it and reach the goal of it.


Who we are?

The coder


The coder

Who is able to adapt new sources quickly and sort every given problem which pop-up in the virtual space.

The organizer


The organizer

Who is constantly looking for new technologies to make things easier and more effective.

The crypto evangelist


The evangelist

Who is always open to research what the future will bring us and spread the word to enlight the opportunities for everyone.