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Cardano and its community is constantly evolving with newcomers and new features.
We building our project to be one of the main center for everyone.

We aimed to be a community funded organisation via our Stake Pool.
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Explore Dapps built on Cardano!

As a User

You will find descriptions, links, pictures, etc. about Dapps to assist you to find the fittest one for your needs.

As a Developer

You will be able to submit your Dapp, create a profile and edit it at any time. If you need some extra attention promote your Dapp!

Latest Dapps

Connect daily life with Cardano

ADAPTION is being built to connect Users and Developers. Showcase how decentralised applications (Dapps) can reshape our daily life to lead us to a totally decentralized way of living. Not sure about the basics and how to earn by holding ADA?

Connect daily life with Cardano

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What is Coming Soon?

With the upcoming update developers will be able to give information about an upcoming event, reached milestone, new collaboration, etc. to the users via a newsfeed on their Dapp’s profile.

We also working on a new way to show the recently added and the most trending Dapps on our home page.

More features are coming with this update, follow us on Twitter to stay tuned!

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What is Coming soon?

Our vision is

Statistic about Blockchain

to provide statistics about Blockchain, Dapps and Community

Cardano Dapp

to be the main Cardano Dapp listing site

Basic knowledge

to build a basic knowledge lexicon for the new members of our community